Karakol Forestry announces a tender for leasing and use of forest fund plots.

Date of the competition: at 10:00 am, April 20, 2017, in the Karakol forest enterprise.

Location of the land: Jyrgalan compartment, Plot No. 3, Block 22 and 44
Total area for lease: 27.9 ha (divided into 3 Lots)

Lot 01= 9.8 ha; Lot 02 = 9,4 hа; Lot 03 = 8.7 hа

Use of the land: Tenants are required to develop and manage fruit orchards for commercial purpose.
Lease period: Probation lease period: 5 years. Subject to proper use of the leased land and other conditions, the period may be extended to 50 years.
Soil condition: Due to weak alkalinity subsurface horizon, it is recommended to conduct deep plowing with subsoil.
Necessary infrastructure:


ž There are two old wells in the land but both require rehabilitation. They are 150 m boreholes with 273 mm diameter. Recommended capacity is 20-25 L/sec.
  Electricity: ž For the use of boreholes and pump for irrigation, transformer, and power poles and line (approximately 500 m) will also be needed.



ž For protection of orchards, fence is required (total length of the perimeter: 2.15 km). Karakol Forest Enterprise can provide larch poles at a cost of 130 KGS/pole.
Minimum investment value

(KGS/ha/5 years):

Not less than 500,000 Kyrgyz Som (KGS) of investment is required per one ha for the lease period (5 years).


With the conditions of the competition can be found on address: 1 K. Kadyrova street, Karakol City, Issyk-Kul Province, Phone: 0-3922-51163, 5-03-11, 5-03-01 Email: karakolskiy.mehleshoz@mail.ru

Tender documentation can download from www.kyrgyzforestry.biz

Competition Committee accepts applications with bid proposals till 05:00p.m.  April 19, 2017.